Sunday, May 2, 2010

Story Time!

Hello everyone.  I am letting everyone know that I'm trying something a little different with a new story I wrote.  Rather than posting it in blog format on Nikki's Sweet Stories, I've put it on another site as a downloadable .doc or downloadable webpage.  Hopefully that will make it easier to read.

The story was inspired by a recent trip I took to New Orleans.  It's about a guy that has a bit too much to drink and runs into the wrong woman.  I hope everyone likes it.

You can find it here.  I promise I'm not loading a virus or something.  If I knew how to do that, I would be able to figure out a better way to post stories! LOL

Let me know how this system works for you.

Kisses Nikki

edit - I went ahead and got rid of the downloadable webpage and just made a subfile with the story.  It should be easier since you don't have to download anything!  I hope it makes it a bit more user friendly.  I'm still trying to get the hang of this and don't want it to be inconvenient for you all.  The free stuff out there doesn't have some of the features that I'd like but that's what happens when you do it on the cheap! LOL