Thursday, December 11, 2008

So Far So Good!

Well it's now a little over a week into this great adventure. I've greatly enjoyed creating my own little corner of the TG caption world. I hope everyone has had as much fun with these as I have. In that regard, please feel free to comment on the caps! I want to know what people like to I can give them more. I know you are all out there so let me know what you think!

Much more to come soon...


Zenos said...

i like usually tricked transformations, and then somehow they get drugged up ad have sex.

don't really like becoming bimbo minded,
just a slave to please

Anonymous said...

Well personally I prefer full transformations, less male genitalia shown, and no rear guard action.

Hope that helps ;-)

eleventhdr said...

ah at last here i ma in my new gender and sex i am at last a girl and am in a dress now with a sk\lip on and vbra panties and i feel so very good having breast and a pussy feels so very natual being fenmale at last like i was always meant to be this way and why not being a girl is much better and i am so very glad that the transformation is now permanelty in place and i no longer have to carry around that dumb penis anymore i love this already being a girl i ahve wanted it all my liv fe and now i have it and i am going to play with it from now on i am a girl a girl and and everyhting!