Friday, January 16, 2009

Totally Busted


Danyelle TG said...

Excellent cap. I love the pic for the cap. If I were him though I'd use whats left of the money to go all the way. After all what better way to counter his wife's blackmail. she says she'll show the pic to his family (which she will anyhow) so after giving her new bf a bj just spend the rest of the money on a full sex change. At least that's what I'd do in his situation.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm even more of a sissified wimp than I thought. My girlfriend (not yet married) could just ORDER me to hand over everything and I'd comply. And I'd defintely comply to giving her new boyfriend a blowjob. Even if I wasn't attracted to him.

Every day I realize a little more about how much of a pansy I really am.