Monday, March 9, 2009

Covet Thy Roomies Girlfriend

Ok here's a few using good old Paint. Kind of a pain in the ass but it's all I have for now! Please enjoy (and I know the picture quality stinks but please bear with me...)


D. L. said...

Nikki, try using the GIMP it's an open source free Photoshop like program that takes a little time playing with but achieves great results

GIMP can be downloaded from its official website

Simple Mel said...

So, like, exactly what went wrong> Seems like it worked perfectly IMHO! :P


Lexi's Caps said...

Looks good for paint, just a little formatting issue at the bottom. Regardless of how you make them though, it is good to have you making them again. Keep it up.

comixxxs said...

Great caps.