Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Find Your Happy Place


Sport said...

happy to be glad

eleventhdr said...

yes i to have this power w and when stuff becomes absoulty unbearable then it is finaly unleashed and somehow their is this other me who is female and she can do stuff that i could never ever do she come's out and has pwoers far beyond my own she is who i am suppose to be she is me nut she is a girl and it is who i really ma inside i am female and want to be here for real and to finaly be l releashe and to be the female i ma so meant to be she is thier and she comes when i can not toerlate it nay longer she takes me over and frees me and then i am toatlly happy at last as a girl and why not being a girl is who and what i really am i am female that is the real me i am a girl!