Thursday, July 16, 2009



Nylon69 said...

Although I've never had the nerve to leave the house "dressed", I do enjoy wearing pantyhose and/or sexy lace panties under my boring male clothes as often as possible.

But if I did have the nerve and I found myself in Larry's spot, looking as hot as he does, is there really any other choice but to drop my panties and enjoy it like a real girl?

Josie T-girl said...

Beautiful! Like Nylon69 said, I didn't think I'd ever get the nerve to leave the house either ... but being myself overcame the fear. As a teen it wasn't as bad as I ever thought it would be. When I was older the 'fear' came back and I stayed in hotel rooms with the pretty things I'd bought.

But somehow reality/reason entered the scene and my venturing began again.

I luv being a woman .. especially when a real man is taking me in his arms!