Saturday, April 4, 2009


Hey everyone, in case you all haven't noticed, I've been able to get the caps back in gear. I'd like to say thanks to those that suggested different photoshop programs since mine tanked. I've found GIMP is a great and easy program to use.

Anyways, I'm thinking of doing a few things to make this a bit more interactive. I'm going to start some polls and let you all decide what pics I should use or what kinds of caps you'd like to see. I'm even open to others submitting photos you'd like to see me take a shot at.

So again thanks to everyone who keeps checking out the blog. I'm having a blast doing it and I love the comments so give me the feedback! I also hope to get another installment of Bachelor Party Gone Wrong one of these days.

Kisses All,


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear things are going well again.

Anonymous said...

Cool place to stroll around here :)) TY very much :)

Simple Melodie said...

Keep up the lovely work, sweetie - your so talented! You've made a fan out fo this girl for sure!


- Melodie

Nikki said...

Thanks again to everyone! I really want to keep everyone interested and not fall into a boring routine. I mean how many times can a man be changed into a woman? LOL OK Let me count the ways...

eleventhdr said...

i want to be like this finaly a girl in cute pnties and tank tops that rea feminine i want breast and a pussy so tat i can do girl stuff fro the rest of my life wow would that eever be so great being a girl at last and why not being a gil is the best and i want to be one please!