Thursday, April 23, 2009

Out of Order


Michael said...

I liked this one. Of course, we all know what happens next ;)

eleventhdr said...

Jay was finally at last able to convince himself that he jsut could not go on any longer denying his one great urge to be a girl at last so one day he finally screwed up his couarge got into some girl cloths and went out dressed as z szuy ann well he had not gotten to far when he ahd this old urge that he had to pee so he wn ent looking for a place to do so and finaly found this old bahtroom he wnet in and found an old stall so he went in and sy uddely had another urge to sit down and pee like a giirl which Jay had done most of hsi life anyway at home he would often sit when he was alone and pee like a girl and he liked doing that jsut as much as he liked being tg cd lg sissy he had alwasy wanted to be a girl and so as he sat thier he thoght to himself hey maybe if i concentare real hrad maybe i can finally become what i ahve alwys anwanted to be a girl so as he say thier thinking about it he suddely felt very differnt like he wa sbeing pulled ind sode out then just as sudden he rl elized that that ws as exactly what was happening he now was growing breast and he felt weird down between his legs strange he thought i i feel feel oh oh what is happenin i i ma becoming a eal girl his penis shank and went back up into his body and a pussy formed his chest expanede and now he had those breast he had so alwsya wanted and inside he began to chnage as well he could feel himself gettting interanl female organs and and then he was a girl aand was conuning to pee sitting with her panties pulled down oh oh i really am a girl at laast then suddnely theri were two guys standing thier watching her and wondering what she was dog thier she said hey i was a guy just a minute ago but now i am a real girl and and evert yh thing yes we can see that now then honey how about letting us make it permanet for you jst come ere and let us show you wht being a girl is really all about so the next thing she knew she was being fucke jsut like a girl and she knew it was all over she was now a pernaent girl and and she even felt so very funny in her belly like like she was pregant whcih she sure was so now i am a girl for good she whipered toher new self i am female and and i love it at last i am a girl and why not!