Tuesday, September 8, 2009



Anonymous said...

I just found this site today and I'm in heaven! I'm a man who loves wearing lingerie, pantyhose and heels; having my ass fucked with my vibrator; and swallowing my own cum. But I'm not at all attracted to men, so I fantasize about meeting and fucking gorgeous women with big tits and big cocks exactly like the one in this picture. Thank you for a cumtastic website!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic!. Have you considered cross posting over to tf-media.net? You'd get a lot of comments.

Nylon69 said...

I'd love to go out with the girl Frank in this story. I'd have her wear a sexy cocktail dress and high heels and take her out for a very romantic evening, showing her off to every guy I met (but never letting them know about the secret in her panties).

Then we'd go home and she would fuck me up the ass with her huge shemale cock and give me a blowjob with those gorgeous red lips. And I'd fall asleep a happy man with the most beautiful woman in my arms.

Steffi said...

Love Your work!!!!

Thanks to your example, and others like you, I have started my own TG Caption Blog.

Stop by anytime! :)