Monday, October 12, 2009

A Suckling Good Time


Isobelle Nichole said...

Simply delicious! Haha I loved it!

eleventhdr said...

now wait just a minute you are saying that just by sucking on a girls breast that she was able to change you into a girl to how did this work if that works then i want to do this somehow and take a woman milk and become female myself at last i ahve always wanted to be female and to ahve breast and a pussy and be female ind\side as well so that i can even get pregant and do all the gilr stuff that girls can do i just want to be a girl like this and why not being a gilr is a whole lot better then being male and i want to be a girl at last please let me know how i can get a girl to do this to me jsut by sucking her milk then i will do it and become a girl to!