Monday, October 12, 2009

Nice Earrings

Hey again everyone! I'm soooo sorry it's been so long since I have contributed anything. Once again that damn real life gets in the way. But I hope to have some more coming out soon! In the meantime, please enjoy!

Love Nikki!


Anonymous said...

Real life comes up - great to see you back! Hope to see even more caps coming. These are great, as usual!

eleventhdr said...

so you are saying that thess earrings made yu chnage gender and now you are female well then what i would like is for you ro to send those to me so i can borrow them long enough to try them on and ahve them alter me in this very same way for you see i to would love to become female at last and i am alwaya looking for a magic a way to chnafge my sex and to finally become a girl at last i have alwaya wanted to be a girl and to be able to change magically is just what i ma still lookoing for i do realy belive that thier are magic ways to chnage ones sex and i want that very much because to become a gilr this way is the best and only rreal way to do so and i want to be a girl and why not being a gilr is wonderful so let me know on theses earrings please!